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Atlantico Hotel 4 estrellas frente al mar - In front of the ocean - Services


> Solarium in front of the sea.

We have a wide solarium facing the sea with tables and chairs and a jacuzzy for 6 people.

> Reading room and micro-cinema.

Our reading room has a library with varied authors and genres, comfortable armchairs  overlooking at the sea which will make you feel on the beach. The micro-cinema is equipped with a big screen (1.5 x 2 mts) and surround sound 5.1.

> Playroom for children.

In this room, you can find many televisions with Play Station 2, besides there are several games and toys for the little ones, which will keep them entertained without the necessity to go out.



     This place is totally equipped for those who want      to keep on doing physical activities on holydays:
     ▪ Treadmill.
     ▪ Stationary bike.
     ▪ Elliptical machine.
     ▪ Weight bench.
     ▪ Weight stack machine.

     > Parking.

     It is located in the hotel and for your safety it is      closed to the public and monitored with      surveillance cameras.

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